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Garments for Kids

New with us
Medieval cloak for children - Tavi
Cloak for Children - Tavi
24,99 €
Medieval tunic for children - Grim
Tunic for children - Grim
29,99 €
Medieval children's trousers - Totila -26%
Children's trousers - Totila
from 19,99 € 26,99 € (RRP)
Medieval childs dress - Fiana -13%
Childs dress - Fiana
34,99 € 39,99 € (RRP)
Children's Armour - Elf
Children's Armour - Elf
Leather Armours
89,99 €
Children's Armour - Knight
Children's Armour - Knight
Leather Armours
89,99 €
Knight's Surcoat for Kids
Knight's Surcoat for Kids
59,99 €
Musketeer's Shirt for Kids -14%
Musketeer's Shirt for Kids
29,99 € 34,99 € (RRP)

Medieval clothing for children

Medieval clothing for children can be found in this category of our medieval online shop. Our garments for children are comfortable to wear, are sturdy and made of high quality materials. Children's clothing in the Middle Ages was not necessarily dissimilar to that of adults, just smaller. Children wore tunics, blouses, skirts and trousers just like the adults. At Larp events or medieval markets, however, children want to play heroes just like the grown-ups. That's why we also have elven clothes for children or knight tunics for children or Viking children's clothes in stock. From children's tunics, a children's princess dress, to hooded cloaks for children: the small medieval market visitors and larp kids are cared for at Andracor. If you are looking for cheap medieval kids clothing, you will certainly find it at our Larp Shop.

Children in the Middle Ages

One assumes a rather difficult time for a child when one thinks of the Middle Ages. It is true that infant mortality was high because medicine was simply not as advanced as it is today. Education was often strict and punishment with a rod or slapping was not uncommon. Children had to start working early, depending on their social environment, and were considered "adults" at the age of 12 for girls and 14 for boys. However, the medieval average age was also much lower than today. 

Wet nurses, nannies and nanas were essential for the upbringing of children in the Middle Ages. These were women who took over the raising of children for noble families. But many children in the Middle Ages also grew up with love and affection from their parents and had a guarded childhood. Up to the age of 7, a child was regarded as a toddler and was protected and cared for accordingly. Although especially in farmer families also easier activities were done by children at an earlier age. However, this was rather seen as a part of the education of medieval children. Of course, the church had a lot of influence on the parenting of kids in the Middle Ages, as on all other areas of life in medieval Europe. Medieval children were especially encouraged in medieval games. Wooden tops, dolls, hoops, rattles and colourful clay marbles were popular medieval toys.

Children's clothes for medieval market

Today, a medieval market can be exciting and interesting for a child to try out and get to know medieval work and live such as forging or feudalism. This experience becomes even more intense in suitable medieval clothing for kids. To put oneself in the time of the Middle Ages as a child and to learn to understand and appreciate the modern life situation better is one of many reasons to visit a medieval market. The Middle Ages at the medieval market is just another world, which deviates from our modern life and creates a fairy-tale world, which rather shows a romantically transfigured Middle Ages. This also applies to the children's clothing at the medieval market, it does not necessarily have to be super authentic. The medieval market can have a real fascination for children and can be very exciting and educational. At Andracor we offer suitable basic kids clothes for medieval market events.

Kids in Larp and Larp garments for children

There are Larp events that offer space and room for children. With a kids Larp outfit from Andracor, the little ones and older ones can take part in the game. Sometimes they are even looked after at big events like the Conquest of Mythodea like in a kindergarten. But beware: Not everything that happens at a larp is suitable for children, such as the battlefield or the evening taverns. Often extra time periods are set where children are allowed to participate in such games. There are also larp events for children or youth groups where children can play knights or elves and other fantasy creatures. If you want to take your child to a Larp, you should find out beforehand from the organizers what is on offer for the child and whether the Larp in question is suitable for children. Some Larp events can only be visited from the age of 16, others even from 18. Nevertheless, a suitable Larp event for children can be a lot of fun and enjoyment for the little ones. You can find suitable Larp clothing for children here. We are constantly expanding our assortment, also in the area of medieval clothing for children! So it is worthwhile to visit us more often!

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