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Knight's Surcoat for Kids

Knight's Surcoat

No. 120120

  • Color: red
  • Material: Surcoat: 100% cotton; shirt: 100% polyester

Most kids dream about being glorious heroes some day – they can start practicing with this practical knight surcoat. Of course all real medieval knights wore mail shirts, but they were too heavy for young men who were just starting out in the warrior business. Our version is a long-sleeve, silver shirt that gives the impression of being mail but doesn't have to bear the weight of authenticity. A noble kids knight surcoat made of red cotton velveteen bearing a golden lion rampant (red for military strength, a lion for dauntless courage) is worn over it to show which side your kid is on.

Included in delivery

  • a knight tabard for children
  • a long-sleeved shirt as "chainmail"
  • without other costume parts and accessories

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Knight's Surcoat
59,99 €
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No. 120120
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Available again: 10.03.2023
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