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Renaissance Boots

Renaissance Boots Ladies

Overknee cavalier boots for ladies and gentlemen as pirate boots, for uniform, as riding boots or as medieval boots to suit other garments.

No. 121227

  • Color: black
  • Material: Genuine leather

These high black boots – and high means over the knees here – are ideal accessories for Renaissance and Baroque garb. They are styled to be worn by men or women, and can be worn with or without cuffs made by folding the tops over. A long strap with buckle at the top of each calf helps keep the boots on your legs. You can thread ribbons or leather ties (not included) through the slashes at the top of the shafts for decoration or to make them bulge at the knees. Made of genuine leather from the tops to the soles, these high black boots with strap are very robust. The heel caps are made of anti-slip scored rubber.

Included in delivery

  • High black boots with strap, 1 pair

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Renaissance Boots Ladies
69,99 € 159,00 € (RRP)
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No. 121227
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