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The Assassin in Larp

Assassins are rare but playable characters in Larp. They are given a mission to kill a target and carry it out for a ringing coin or other favors. A lot depends on skillful tactics, your own ruthlessness and your discrete behavior.

Assassinations are partly pre-arranged in Larp, because hardly any player wants to lose his character to a boring throat-slasher murder from behind. Practices of Assassins can range from ninja-like infiltration and sneaking into a camp at night, sneaky poison killings to quick, unforeseen attacks with throwing daggers on the open road.

Assassins in the Middle Ages

Assassins in the Middle Ages were members of the Shia-Islamic religious community of the Nizarites, who came into contact with Europeans during the Crusades in the 12th and 13th centuries. And sultans, caliphs and crusaders fell victim to their dreaded and unscrupulous assassinations. Whole fortresses were taken over by them. The famous Sultan Saladin himself survived two assassinations more by luck.

But in the end, quite little is known and preserved about the secret sect of Assassins. In the end it was the Mongols who ended their power in the Middle East. What is known, however, was enough and ultimately led to the creation of the legend about the religious fanatical, skilled contract killers who were loyal to their master. And since the computer game Assassin`s Creed the Assassin is very much back in fashion!

How do I play an assassin at Larp?

If you want to play an Assassin in Larp, you should familiarize yourself with the Shadow Guilds or Thieves Guilds, which are mainly found on large convents like the Conquest. Of course you can take orders to kill and carry them out, but your own skill will determine how long you survive as an Assassin.

To sneak through the streets dressed in black and disguised is not a good idea if you can’t sneak very, very well. Looking like the killer on duty, dressed in black, full of blades and armor parts rarely leads to success. Rather to have respectable citizens call in the City Guard immediately.

No question: The black Assassin looks cool, and is simply popular! Otherwise we wouldn’t have him in our program.;) But he doesn’t really work well at Larp. Unless you’re one of the „bad guys“ at Larp from the start.

Dark elves wear only black anyway and are already „infamous“! If you’re an Assassin on top as a Dark Elf, it’s just a typical profession that you’ll follow as a Drow. And a Haradrim, an oriental inspired human among orcs is also a nice background for a hideous, dark Assassin look!

But Larp beginners should know that in such an outfit and without a group protecting them they run the risk of not having fun at a Larp event, because they are dead after about 20 minutes.

Alright, alright, but how do you pull it off then?

First of all: Be discreet! Look like a beggar, a peasant, a handmaiden, a nun, a „nobody“. Aria Stark from Game of Thrones does it all very well for example. Also in Larp this tactic works best. A masterfully camouflaged assassin who is careful will definitely live longer. Then maybe the thrill of getting caught will make for a lot of fun! Dressing up differently can work, of course, but can be confusing on a Larp, where it often happens that people play several different characters.

The weapons of an assassin

Killing a target quickly and efficiently certainly requires learning, and there are many ways to do this. However, it is advantageous to carry padded weapons that are small and easy to hide. Faust daggers, throwing daggers, even short blades. An Assassin does not seek direct combat with its victim, but sneaks up on them from ambush.

Alchemist’s poisons or poisonous blades are also a popular tool for Assassins, because they have a delayed effect and can serve the Assassin in his escape. However, killing a character in Larp always means that in the end it is the player’s decision whether to acknowledge the death or attack or to miraculously survive. Many players put a lot of love and devotion into their characters and do not want to fall victim to a loveless or senselessly executed character murder.

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