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The Mage or Wizard in Larp

A mage or wizard is someone who can work magic in the broadest sense. Nowadays, the term „mage“ is more commonly used to describe a magician who creates the illusion of magic through illusions and magic tricks. In fantasy novels the mage and magic is an important component. Humans usually have to learn how to use magic, while some beings like elves naturally grow up with magic.

How does a mage operate at a Live Roleplay?

Mages form their own character class in many roleplaying systems. Characteristic for mages is, besides the talent for casting spells, a rather bad talent for normal combat as well as a tendency to long conversations and mental exchanges. They enjoy accumulating knowledge as scholars in the arcane arts.

Mages are always interested in increasing their knowledge, because in their opinion knowledge is power. However, a clear distinction must be made between the different types of mages and wizards. Elemental mages, such as fire, water, air, earth and nature mages, for example. But also summoners and sorcerers who summon creatures, transformers and illusionists who create illusions or healers can be found and have their own magic circles.

Described characteristics mostly apply to mages who are trained in academies, guilds, circles or similar. Shamans and Druids, intuitive mages or even priests and clerics sometimes also belong to the category of mages and deviate more or less strongly from these clichés due to their background.

Mage Guilds on a Larp

A mages guild is an association of wizards of a place or region or a magical orientation. It represents the interests of the mages and forms a circle of knowledge exchange among themselves. Mage guilds are above all a phenomenon of the fantasy world. The mage guild can be found mainly in computer, pen & paper, and live roleplaying games, as only there mages join together in guilds.

The members of a mages guild complement each other in their knowledge and can therefore teach or assist other mages or newcomers, so-called novices. In order to join a guild as a mage or adept, you first have to familiarize yourself with the customs of the guild and apply for membership, often there are examinations for admission. The outward appearance of a guild mage is often only partially considered by the player himself. In almost every mage guild, there are some guidelines, such as fixed colors of clothing to identify the mage as a member of a guild. Also every guild always has its own symbol.

The mage in the party – always an enrichment

On a Larp, a mage either supports a group with his abilities or can also act as an evil opponent. The temptation in magic always lies in achieving power, which appears to be much greater through the use of dark powers.
The mages in Larp are also exposed to this temptation. Here the mage is often an important element to master many challenges.

The mage is usually not very skilled in the art of war, especially not in close combat, but he can fulfill important tasks from a distance or by supporting the combatants with combat-enhancing, protection or healing magic. There are special forms of mages, for example necromancers, who are specialized in summoning the dead, or druids who cast nature spells and transformations. Illusionists and witches are also special forms of magically acting characters.

Dark Mages and Chaos Mages

A Chaos Mage or Black Mage is a mage who summons the powers of Chaos and draws his powers for magic from it. Often you will find the Chaos Mage as an opponent, because mostly you play a neutral or good character in roleplaying.

This refers to both live roleplaying and pen & paper roleplaying. If you want to play a Chaos Mage yourself, you have to initiate a roleplaying round with evil or chaotic characters in the Pen & Paper roleplaying game or visit corresponding events in the live roleplaying game, where you can play such evil characters without being attacked immediately.

Most of the time Chaotic Mages are also not allowed at a normal con, because their settings, if the player plays consistently, do not conform to the views of most other players.

What does a mage wear at Larp?

The most common clothing of mages is the so-called mage’s robe. Often you will meet mages with staffs in Larp and most mages do not use metal as armor, because in many roleplaying systems this hinders the flow of magic. But the fact that mages all wear a robe and a wizards hat is very superficial and can be refuted in live-roleplay many times. It is totally up to you how you individualize your mage.

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