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Contact Lenses

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New with us
Mini-Sclera black contact lenses
Mini-Sclera black
34,90 €
Blood Contact Lenses
24,90 €
Blizzard Contact Lenses
24,90 €
Galactic Contact Lenses
19,90 €
Dragon Contact Lenses
19,90 €
Bloody Eye Contact Lenses
Bloody Eye
19,90 €
Bleeding Eye white Prescription Conant Lens
Bleeding Eye white Prescription
9,90 €
Orc Prescription Contact Lens
Orc Prescription
9,90 €
White Mesh Prescription Contact Lens
White Mesh Prescription
9,90 €
Purple Prescription Contact Lens
Purple Prescription
9,90 €
Yellow Prescription Contact Lens
Yellow Prescription
9,90 €
Ghost Prescription Contact Lens
Ghost Prescription
9,90 €
Bleeding Eye black Prescription Contact Lens -20%
Bleeding Eye black Prescription
7,90 € 9,90 €
Blood Wolf Prescription Contact Lens
Blood Wolf Prescription
9,90 €
Android Prescription Contact Lens
Android Prescription
9,90 €
Contagion Prescription Contact Lens
Contagion Prescription
9,90 €
Sclera Bloodstains Contact Lenses -38%
Sclera bloodstains
49,90 € 79,90 €
Sclera white contact lenses -38%
Sclera white
49,90 € 79,90 €
Sclera night hunter contact lenses -13%
Sclera Night Hunter
69,90 € 79,90 €
Sclera Blood Beast Contact Lenses -38%
Sclera Blood Beast
49,90 € 79,90 €
Prescription Contact Lens black
Prescription black
9,90 €
Prescription Contact Lens white
Prescription white
9,90 €
Prescription Contact Lens red
Prescription red
9,90 €
Prescription Contact Lens blue
Prescription blue
9,90 €
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Contact Lenses for LARP & Cosplay

Eyes are the window to the soul, a mere glance in the eyes of a stranger and you can quickly assess whether they are friend or foe. A mage with black eyes? Better stay away. Non-human characters naturally don’t have human eyes either. Elves often have deep blue or forest-green eyes, whilst the eyes of orcs or of the undead are pale and sallow.
This is where our range of LARP & cosplay contact lenses come in. They are used just like normal contact lenses and, when well cared for (i.e with contact lens solution and suitable storage), can in some cases be used for up to a year.

For the right moment - Coloured contact lenses & motiv- lenses

Coloured lenses have a very noticeable effect as they can easily transform your eyes into a completely different colour. Deep blue elf eyes, devilish red demon eyes or the haunting white eyes of a zombie can be easily achieved with our coloured lenses.
Our motiv lenses take this a step further and have an extra special effect. In our motiv range you will find everything from cat's eyes to cyborgs and androids.

A breathtaking spectacle - Mini-Sclera & Sclera lenses

Our range of sclera contact lenses provide the ultimate effect, with mini-sclera lenses covering a larger part of the eye than the average contact lens, whilst full sclera lenses cover most of the eye. This make it possible to achieve truly extreme transformation results. If you’ve never worn sclera or mini-sclera lenses before, we recommend starting with regular-sized contact lenses first.
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