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About us

Andracor Logo - What is Andracor?


The online shop and manufacturer of equipment around Larp, Middle Ages, Fantasy & Reenactment


Andracor – What does that mean?

So, what is Andracor? Andracor has been a household name in the German Larp world since the end of the 90s. Especially our leather armor from our own production found many fans early on. It was our desire to make a part of what makes up the hobby of Larp and the Middle Ages for us, i. e. to produce beautiful things with our own hands, also as a profession. The leather production in our workshops in Berlin has always been the heart of Andracor, and it is here that the greatest amount of hard work is invested.

Andracor at the core – Our leather workshop

Andracor offers a wide range of different armor and accessories that have always been and are designed with the practice and action in mind.
For example, the inclined live role-player cannot really use a nice, but badly mobile and in the worst case fragile leather armour, much.
That’s why, in addition to the design, quality is also a demand that Andracor wants to meet in every armour manufactured here in Berlin. The leather we use is vegetable tanned and is exclusively high quality upper leather or suede.
In addition to our standard armours, it has always been possible to customise existing designs or models and, for example, to adapt the colouring of the leather to suit your own requirements.

Our products – More than just leather

We are now at a point where the manufacture of leather armor and accessories is still an important part of Andracor, but there are also many other products from the world of the Middle Ages, fantasy, western, steampunk and other genres to discover.

From Larper to Larper – We are a community

Also since the 90s, some of our team have been enthusiastic role-players, medieval fans and reenactors. So you as our customers can be sure that we understand what you like and need. We think it’s great to have a job where we deal with people who are like minded and a little crazy. Just like us.

All-round carefree shopping – Our service

We want to be as close to our customers as possible and take a quantum leap forward with our online shop. This means that you can shop comfortably from home as well as on the mobile phone, that we offer a wish list and extensive customer support for all questions concerning orders, products and feedback and that we ship free of charge from 49 € order value. Shopping with us should be a great experience at the end of the day and feel good. We therefore offer all common payment methods and shipping options (even express shipping).

Stay tuned – Social Media

Of course you can find us in the well-known social networks. And we can also be reached there!
So no matter if you have questions or suggestions, information about products or just to get exciting news from the world of Larps – a visit is always worthwhile!

facebook.com/andracor    instagram.com/andracorshop    twitter.com/andracorLARP
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