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Customer Gallery

Andracor has long been a supplier of leather armour for Larper and fantasy enthusiasts. Our accessories and products have been modified and customized and form the basis for many great characters. Here in the customer gallery we want to show you some particularly exceptional examples of what our customers have made from Andracor products. Our armour has also been used in some great photo shoots. This gallery serves as a source of inspiration or simply to see what is possible.

If you own any Andracor armour or garments and want to contribute to our customer gallery, just send us an email with the pictures to our customer support, we look forward to seeing what you make of our products!


Amazing archery photo shoot featuring our Archer Armour.


The groom wearing an Andracor robe specially made for the occasion.


An impressively modified dark elf corsage for „Undead Flesh“.


This orc has chosen our Demon Leather Armour as a foundation and heavily modified it.


Andracor Helau! This carnival group chose our Centurio Armour.


A customer at the role-play convention with brand new Gladiatress Armour combined with Dragon Rider Pauldrons.


Here you can see our Outrider Armour with Mercenary Pauldrons in action.


An extremely modified version of our Outrider Armour, combined with High Elf Pauldrons.


This warrior has added a fur trim to brown Dragonrider Leather Armour, shown at our booth at the role-play convention


Another modified Dragonrider Armour, this time with Outrider Greaves. A shredded, frayed, full armour that has already been through a lot.


This thief is wearing our gladiatress armour in a special colour. Her bags and her belt are also from Andracor.

This shieldmaiden is wearing a custom Andracor robe with asymmetrical buckles. Her belt is also a custom design from us.


You can see with this forest ranger, what can be done with our warlord armour, complete with decorative grooves.


This fire mage has personally tinted her armour, shown here wearing leather demon pauldrons, virgin warrior gorget and matching elf armour belt.


A customised Elf Warrior Leather Armour in blue.


Andracor has always offered the possibility to order individual armour and special designs. Our support will be happy to advise you with specific requests.

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