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Fake Blood & Blood Effects

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Kunstblut & Bluteffekte für Larp

It often happens in LARP that injuries need to be played out; like a deep sword cut, a gunshot wound or a bloody nose after a bar fight. This is usually done by trickling fake blood on the area where the 'injury' occurred, making it clear to other players that the character is now injured. Our Maskworld fake blood has long been established as a bestseller, as it's both skin-friendly and easy to wash off again.
Whether tough dried blood, like our popular 'bloody scab', or the runny black soup of a zombie wound, there is the right fake blood for every effect. Our bite-open blood capsules provide an extra scary effect! For healers of all descriptions, fake blood is standard equipment anyway, since they are the ones who have to "treat" the wounds.
Fake blood is also great in combination with latex wounds.
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