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Dartblaster for Larp

New with us
Blasterparts - Tactical Range Modification Spring for Dartblaster CEDA
Modification Spring for dartblaster CEDA
8,95 €
Blasterparts - Modification Spring for Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
Modification Spring for Dartblaster Disruptor
8,95 €
NERF - Zombie Strike Hammershot
Dartblaster Hammershot
23,95 €
Blasterparts - Modification Kit for NERF N-Strike Elite Rampage - Tactical Range
Modification Kit Tactical Range for Dartblaster Rampage
21,95 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper
Dartblaster Delta Trooper
59,95 €
Blasterparts - Foregrip for Raider and Rampage - long version (black)
Foregrip for Raider and Rampage
29,95 €
Blasterparts - Full Metal Hammershot Modification Kit
Modification Kit Full Metal for Dartblaster Hammershot
18,95 €
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike
49,95 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Modulus Flip Clip Kit in Sustainable Packaging
Flip Clip Kit for Modulus
19,95 €
Blasterparts - Modification spring for Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Cycloneshock
Modification Spring for Mega-Dartblaster CycloneShot
8,95 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Refill Pack of 100 Darts in Sustainable Packaging
Refill100 Darts
19,95 €
Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Stryfe
Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Stryfe
29,95 €
Nerf N-Strike Elite Snapfire
Nerf N-Strike Elite Snapfire
5,95 €
Blasterparts - Drop Pouch - (coyote)
Drop Pouch Coyote
14,95 €
NERF - Doomlands Impact Zone 30 Dart Refillpack
Refill 30 Impact Zone Darts
8,95 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6
Dartblaster Longshot
64,95 €
CEDA Performance Dartblaster - Color Red
Dartblaster CEDA - red
74,95 €
NERF - Modulus 10 Dart Banana Clip
Banana Clip 10 Darts
11,95 €

Nerf Guns & Dartblaster for Post Apocalyptic Larp and Zombie Larp

Nerfguns and other Dartblasters have long been the means of choice to depict firearms in end times Larp. The foam darts are harmless and with a little handicraft and spray work, you can quickly make an impressive real looking end-time rifle out of a Nerfgun. At Andracor we offer you the Blaster classics used in Larping, as well as some great Blaster Gear. For the complete assortment of all Dartblasters, take a look at Blasterparts.com.

Modding for Post Apocalyptic Weapons - From Toys to End times Rifles

In the Larp scene, modding refers to the optical enhancement of a Nerf gun or a blaster, but also the eroding of clothing and equipment. Nerfs come in bright colors that don't match the gloomy look of the end times. That's why Dartblaster are sprayed on, i.e. black or primed with metal paint and then painted, often with great attention to detail. Also decorations such as handle windings or scratches in the weapon, as well as the use of other materials to make the weapon heavier, are part of the modding. If you want to be part of the end-times, handicrafts at the Nerfguns are indispensable. That's why you'll find accessories at Andracor to make your dart blaster decently suitable for the end-time. But this is only the beginning, real hobbyists should check out the modding section of Blasterparts.com, there is an even bigger selection of modifications for Blasters.

Add-on parts for Dartblasters are also a form of modding, for example extended clips, shoulder rests, attachments to give the weapon a typical look. Here the transition to tuning is smooth because some of these parts also influence the performance of the Dartblaster, sometimes to the worse.

Tuning for Dartblaster - For more firepower!

Modding is one thing, but also the inner workings of a Dartblaster can be improved. To increase the efficiency of a Dartblasters is called Tuning. For this purpose the Blaster is usually screwed open and the internal components are replaced by more powerful parts. However, there are also tuning parts for the battery compartment of a battery-powered blaster, so-called voltage mods. The effect is then that either the firing force or the frequency with which foam darts are fired increases. Or you could say that the darts fly farther and are fired faster. Extended clips, targets and the like could partly be assigned to tuning, because they improve the performance somehow, but you can find them in our modding section, because they mainly change the appearance of the blaster. 

Tuning: Inside, Modding: Outside. Quite simple!

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