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Plate armour

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Plate armour in our Larp-Shop

Probably the most famous picture of a warrior from the Middle Ages is the knight in his plate armor from helmet to boots. That only a knight could wear a plate armour had its reasons, because an armour was very expensive in the Middle Ages and only a man of rank was usually able to afford a plate armour. Often a Plate armour was worn in combination with quilted garments such as the Gambeson or with chainmail.

Knight armour made of metal, which armour is the right one for me?

In Larp you probably don't start with a complete knight's armour. A beginner may start small as a soldier and build up his equipment over time. Armour is still an investment today. The plate armor looks the most noble and impressive and protects the character with so-called armor protection points against the weapons of the enemies. A plate armor can consist of different parts.

Armor parts made of metal - What is plate armour made of?

Whether all parts such as torso, shoulders, helmet, as well as arm and leg splints are worn, is left to everyone. We offer plate armor in silver (also called blank) as well as in burnished, which has a darker to black color.

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