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Bodices & Corsets

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Medieval Bodices & Corsets

The laced bodice is one of the oldest forms of corset. They came into fashion in early 17th century during the Renaissance period, although precursors can be traced back to the high middle ages. The bodice remained the garment of choice for women until the early 20th century.

The bodice, or corset, developed in the Renaissance to become a very stiff, firm form of a girdle. This fashionable garment was very popular until the late 19th century and underwent various stylistic changes, and it remains popular today in live action roleplay, at gothic festivals as well as reenactments. 

When speaking about a medieval corset or bodice, you almost automatically think about the world of fantasy or modern gothic fashion, but what would medieval markets or LARP be without them? Whether for a barmaid, buccaneer or elegant damsel; corsets and bodices are guaranteed eye-catchers!


Leather Corsets and Corsages

Whoever chooses a leather product from Andracor gets quality and long lasting durability; our corsets and corsages are no exception. Our LARP corsages, like all our other Andracor leather products, are made in our own Andracor workshop in Berlin. We use our own fantastic designs, which both look great and are comfortable to wear, especially necessary when larpers can be out on the road for days on end.

All of our leather corsages and medieval corsets are available in four different colours and we only use high-quality naturally tanned leather, both for our 3,5 cm leather bustiers and also for our suede corsets, bodices and corsages.

All of our bodices, corsages and corsets are available in different sizes, so that the right fit can be found for every wearer.


Ladies Medieval Clothing - Bodices, Corsages, Corsets & Bustiers

A bodice always goes well with a matching blouse, an elegant skirt or a simple dress, the same goes for our corsets and corsages. Find our full range in our dresses category.

A corset, bodice or bustier is versatile LARP garment and can be combined with a number of character concepts. Female pirates will delight in a robust corsage with buckles, whilst a bar maid wearing an elegant suede bodice is a true eye-catcher for any tavern guest.

For steampunk or western conventions, they are a huge part of the scene. That’s why we have a selection suitable for both genres, ideal for any saloon lady or steampunk engineer.

However, our leather armour bodice belts offer in combat protection. This includes our witch leather corsage, perfect for sinister characters such as orcs or dark elves.

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